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Video marketing is extremely engaging

We are dental video marketing experts

Dental Practice Video Marketing is one of the most fundamental forms of online digital media that enjoys substantially high conversion rates and can help improve your dental website patient journey.

Take this website page for example, we have a video at the top of the page to help target visual and auditory learners with video marketing knowledge, followed by 2 further videos to showcase our work and expertise. Video marketing improves your customer’s experience and keeps them on your website for longer, reducing your website bounce ratedental video marketing

It has consistently proven itself as an effective means to communicate a business’s distinct ‘value proposition’ to its target audiences. However, the key is in applying the right strategies, tactics and techniques to harness Video Marketing’s true potential.

The Creative Composite has a wealth of industry relevant and results-centric experience when it comes to employing the power of Video Marketing within dental practice marketing.

We believe that bringing your vision to ‘life’ through the vivid and interactive premise of Video Marketing is a key differentiator when it comes to spearheading growth, overcoming obstacles and triumphing against the competition.

Here's One We Made Earlier!

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Build rapport faster & cater for visual learners

The Creative Composite’s revolutionary approach to Video Marketing through harnessing the power of areas such as Google 360 Tour, Short-Form Educational or Testimonial Videos and Virtual Patient Journey Videos mean that your dental practice stimulates its key features and core value proposition to prospective patients – visually!

Moreover, our highly skilled recording team and editors usually require half a day for recording (usually a Saturday). Once the finished video is ready, you can share it with your patients via your website, waiting room TV, your social media platforms, or even pay for it to run in a slot on a TV station. The possibilities are endless to evoke the best of marketing prowess!

To Speak About How Video Marketing Can Help Your Dental Practice, Click Here!